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Turning Tulips | Post Partum Depression | Mental Health

Turning Tulips | Post Partum Depression | Mental Health

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  • 20 Ounce Tumbler
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    • DO NOT drop.

    Turning Tulips is a group where you can get help. Hollin has created this group so that women can get together to talk about how they are feeling and how to understand the necessary intervention to help you feel better about yourself.

    Now you can get her tumbler to show that this is real. 

    Turning Tulips was created by  Hollin Parkinson, Mrs. Idaho America 2022.
    "My name is Hollin Parkinson, Mrs. Idaho America 2022.
    I felt inspired to compete on this large platform to raise awareness about women’s mental health, specifically post partum. I endured a heart breaking journey after my 3rd baby. Once I received the help I needed, I knew there must be other women out there that feel like this and I can’t let them be alone. So, I started my women’s mental health advocacy group called, “Turning Tulips.”
    We share our journeys and tools to help each other. I also host once a month girl’s nights for women to get out and have some fun! I also wanted to do more so I created a podcast that I host, and release episodes for every other week. I want women to know that they are not alone. I am here for them, and so many others are. When we are vulnerable we can make so many more connections, and feel seen."

    Postpartum ‘blues’: (affecting 60-80% of all new mothers) is often expressed as frequent and prolonged crying, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, quick mood changes and a sense of vulnerability. It usually occurs within the first three days following birth, continues for up to two weeks and is usually self-limiting.

    Tumblers are made to order

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