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Shabby Chic Phone Case

Shabby Chic Phone Case

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Protect your phone in custom style with this tough phone case. This lightweight phone case is impact resistant thanks to its TPU lining and Polycarbonate shell. Meanwhile, the interior rubber liner adds an extra layer of protection to your phone for total peace of mind.

Compatible with iPhone and Samsung smartphones while supporting wireless charging (not including MagSafe).Ā 

Made of polycarbonate (shell), TPU (lining) this 2-piece design has impact resistance and shock dispersion, with an interior rubber liner for extra protection

MagSafeĀ® Specifications

Materials: 100% polycarbonate (shell), black cushioned inner TPU lining (slight variations in color/texture are possible)

Available in matte or glossy premium protective finish

Full-wrap print on exterior surfaces

Embedded magnet to enhance compatibility with Apple MagSafeĀ®

accessories (compatibility not guaranteed with non-Apple brand chargers)

Durable, flexible and impact resistant

Why MagSafeĀ®

Robust Construction: The case is crafted from high-quality materials such as polycarbonate or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to ensure durability and longevity. It is engineered to withstand impacts, drops, and everyday wear and tear, safeguarding your device against damage.

MagSafeĀ®Compatibility: Integrated with MagSafeĀ® technology, the case allows for seamless attachment and alignment with MagSafeĀ®-compatible accessories, such as chargers, wallets, and mounts. This ensures a secure connection and optimal functionality without interfering with the case's protective features.Ā  Each case comes with an embedded magnet to enhance compatibility with Apple MagSafeĀ® accessories.

Slim Profile: Despite its tough construction, the case maintains a slim and sleek profile, preserving the aesthetics of your smartphone and ensuring comfortable handling. It adds minimal bulk to your device, allowing for effortless portability and pocketability.

Precise Cutouts: The case features precise cutouts for the device's ports, buttons, speakers, and camera, allowing for unrestricted access and functionality. You can easily plug in headphones, charge your device, adjust volume, and capture photos without removing the case.

Raised Edges: Raised edges around the screen and camera module provide additional protection against scratches, scuffs, and impact damage. They help safeguard vulnerable areas of your device and prevent direct contact with surfaces when placed face down.

Enhanced Grip: The case is designed with textured or non-slip surfaces, providing enhanced grip and preventing accidental drops. This ensures a secure hold on your device, reducing the risk of damage from slips and falls.

Compatibility: Available for various smartphone models, the MagSafeĀ® Tough case is tailored to fit your specific device model precisely, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

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