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Brown Wavy Checkerboard Non Slip Gaming or Desk Mouse Pad

Brown Wavy Checkerboard Non Slip Gaming or Desk Mouse Pad

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Why Choose Us: This aesthetic and durable white mouse pad with our unique design is a decent gift for you and your loved ones; ideal for gamers; graphic designers, or anyone who uses a mouse for long sessions

Sizes: Comes in four (4) sizes

  • 9” x 7” x 0.12 inches thick
  • 12” × 18” x .12 inches thick
  • 12” × 22” x .12 inches thick
  • 31" × 15.5" x .12 inches thick

Highly Durable Design: Stitched edges for a premium and durable finish. 

Ultra-Smooth Surface: Mouse pad features a smooth, comfortable micro-woven polyester cloth surface with a fine weave for effortless, silent gliding

Non-slip Rubber Base: This minimalist mouse pad gaming is made of soft and dense rubber with non-slip texture on the back side; together, the texture and thickness keep the desk mouse pad always firmly in place

Hemmed edges: Product is sewn around the edges, making it strong and lasting longer

Easy to Clean: The washable surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making the computer mouse pad a time saver for cleaning. Dust on the surface can also be easily wiped off

NOTE: Images with a dark background may have a faded color faded color ("halo" effect) around the seams due to the nature of sublimation printing

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