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MOM: The Ultimate Multitasker Sweatshirt

MOM: The Ultimate Multitasker Sweatshirt

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Ideal for any situation, a unisex heavy blend crewneck sweatshirt is pure comfort. These garments are made from polyester and cotton. The collar is ribbed knit, so it retains its shape even after washing. There are no itchy side seams on these sweaters.

.: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
.: Medium-heavy fabric
.: Loose fit
.: Runs true to size


• Wash inside out
• Do warm and cold machine washing with a delicate cycle
• Do not bleach
• Do not dry clean
• Do not iron directly on the design

"MOM: where the magic happens" emblazoned across a sweatshirt captures the essence of a mother's domain, where everyday miracles unfold. This simple yet profound phrase encapsulates the heart of a home, where a mother's love, care, and dedication transform ordinary moments into cherished memories. Just as a magician conjures wonders from thin air, a mother breathes life into her family's world, weaving warmth, comfort, and joy into the fabric of daily life.

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