Sublimation Transfers General Pressing Guide:

  1. Pre-heat garment for 3-6 seconds
  2. Lint roll the whole area of your garment where your press touches several times, especially “white and lighter garments, they have a tendency to produce little blue specs”.
  3. Center the transfer according to the item and cover with protective sheet
  4. Press for 50-70 seconds at 380-400 degrees – medium pressure
  5. Remove the transfer by lifting
  • We recommend a protective sheet to be placed inside the shirt so the ink does not transfer to the back (non-waxed butcher paper works great).
  • TO keep the design from sliding around, you can use “heat tape” to tape the design face down. Sliding can cause a ghosting (shadow) on your design.
  • Every heat press is different, so you may need to adjust your time and pressure as necessary. Using a test material is recommended.
  • Home irons or Easy Presses do not work (they create ghosting).
  • Substrates will vary, so please follow instructions provided from the manufacture that you purchase from.
  • Sublimation transfers will have a faded look to them until they are pressed.
**We are not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are using the correct material, color and press setting prior to pressing your design.